What our clients are saying....

Last year, August 20th, I decided to make a change. I started eating healthier. I thank God for friends and family support. I cannot forget my sister in Christ, Angie Merritt, (one of the health coaches of Food Cures U) for her support and coaching me along. She is a blessing! I thank you with my whole heart, Angie! With my determination and God blessing me, I feel much better. I’m walking, swimming, and doing yoga. August 20th 2014, I wore a size 18W; and now I am wearing size 12. To God be the glory!
— Vanessa Huff Jernigan
I love what Betty and Angie at Food Cures U are doing with health and wellness. I love their tips, advice, and their knowledge is so current, I really trust their food wisdom. Plus who doesnt love hearing the best ways to stay healthy, slim and youthful! Food Cures U is definitely a great resource! Totally worth it!
— Erika Rachel

Before I attended the Food Cures U Lunch and Learn  called "5 keys to Weight Loss and How To Keep It Off" at Lowe's Distribution  Center, I was very draggy and had low energy as I went about my job. I knew the greasy food from the cafeteria wouldn't help me.  I'd buy produce, good fruts and vegetables only to throw them away and waste my money.  In the Lunch and Learn I was introduced to  smoothies with fresh fruit and greens.  I even asked for an extra serving at the end of the talk.  It was so good and gave me so much energy, even in my night time shift.  I went right out and bought a blender. Since then  I've been making smoothies everyday  using that good produce to power through my shift.  I even took my blender to work to be able to make my smoothies.  Food Cures U changed my life for the better.

                                                                                                                                                           ----Lagolia Price

SHOUT OUT to Angie Merritt and Betty Bianconi with FOOD CURES U! i “majored” in their 10 day detox and lost 4 pounds – resetting my focus on choosing a healthier caroline! now moving on to their cooking classes with a veggie cereal (yummy!!!), a blueberry jam packed with chia seeds for protein and a little maple syrup for sweetner, and chick pea burgers---no, my FB account has not been hijacked….this really is that sweet tooth addicted caroline having her taste buds rebooted! among other things you know Angie as a yoga instructor and Betty for her column in the Daily Herald. these ladies are knowledgeable, experienced and great teachers! check it out!   foodcuresu has a FB page.

                                                                                                                                   -----Caroline Long

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