Making New Year's Resolutions Work

You’ve done it again.  Made those New Year’s resolutions, among them is probably some form of eating healthier and losing weight. Here at Food Cures U we are here to help you make them your ally this year and a successful part of your life.  With our Health Coaching hat on we offer you our top tips for making your efforts to change work. 

1Consider what’s really at stake.  Spend some time really weighing the cost for not changing and the rewards of accomplishing the change. Cost can include medical bills, cost of new fat clothes, feelings of shame, and/or lack of energy. Rewards can be renewed self-confidence, health to do what you love and/or feeling attractive.

2. Set goals that are specific, doable and desirable. A specific goal would be: I will take healthy lunches to work 9 days out of 10. A doable goal means you can accomplish it with a plan.  Desirable means you really want it enough to make it happen.

3. Make your plan into steps small enough for you to achieve them and be successful.  Eating the elephant one bite at a time gets the job done. Trying to tackle the entire task may be too overwhelming.  The scarier the change, the smaller the steps need to be.

4. Plan for success. With healthy lunches: I will plan them before shopping and prepackage them the night before.

5. Do the steps and acknowledge the results.  You did your job.  Chart your progress on a calendar. Reward yourself for following your plan.  Success builds success.  You controlled your actions and worked your plan. Be proud no matter what the results.

6. Enlist an accountability partner that is supportive. Having someone on your side, cheering you on and not giving up on your being able to achieve your goal makes it easier to stay with it.

7. Become aware of your own negative self-talk and change it.  We all have that little voice but we can learn to catch that voice and to meet its chatter with a more positive outlook.  It is there to protect us but it is way too ready to keep us in our old comfort zone.

8. There is no failure just a learning opportunity.  So be patient and forgiving with yourself. Look at what went wrong and make a plan for dealing with the same obstacle in a new way next time.  Start anew the next day.  Failing does not make you a failure; quitting does.

9. Each day rekindle your desire for your goal.  Have an image that represents your success posted on the fridge, or see and feel your future successful self in your mind’s eye daily. Saying positive affirmations stating your ability to achieve this goal helps your brain make the change (even if you have to totally fake it until you make it).

10. Self-discipline can invade your life and that is a good thing. Don’t be surprised if learning the disciple to follow your plan in one area carries over to other areas in your life and you find yourself having a tidier house, a life that incorporates exercise, or self-disciplined spending.  

Learning to create good habits is a wonderful life skill to have. If you find you need help in using these tips or making the changes you want to make, call for help to 252-308-4009.  We are supportive and care.



Posted on January 6, 2016 .