The Next 2 De-stress Tips

And here are another 2 tips from our “Top 10 Holiday De-Stress Tips”  to get you through the holiday season:

3. Go easy on gift giving. Many people go totally overboard. Unless it’s exactly what you know the person wants or it’s on sale, save yourself (and possibly the recipient ) time by just buying a gift card. Present it in a clever way or combined with a home made item like a special card, picture or edible treat (cookies, jiffy fudge or brownies).

4. Breath ! Slow, deep thorough breathing is a switch for our nervous system to go from our fight or flight stressed mode to our rest, digest, relaxed mode.  You will notice a distinct relaxation in just a minute or three.  Do it anytime you like. No one will even notice. This 3-part breathing is a life changer.  Begin by dropping your diaphragm and inflating your tummy like it’s a balloon, as you inhale through you nose. Next visualize your rib cage as a barrel and breathe into your barrel to make it bigger around.  Finally add breath to your upper chest, perhaps feeling air enter into your back, and lift your collar bones.  Then exhale from the top down, exhaling deeply, thoroughly through your nose.  Do these at a pace of about 6 breathes per minute for as long as you like.

Posted on December 9, 2015 .