Tips For Destressing Your Holidays Continued

Well Christmas is past, done, yet does it seem like you're still stressed out? Hang in there and read our next two tips for bringing peace and relaxation into your life:

7. Keep the sugar monster tamed. It’s those highs and lows caused by eating and/or drinking high sugar/ high carbohydrate foods that zap your energy and have you zigzagging throughout your day. Stay away from any foods that use high fructose
corn syrup or provide more than 15 grams sugar per serving. If you must, then eat a smaller serving and savor each bite.

8. Stop to smell the roses. There are so many wonderful things to experience this time of year if you stop and just smell. For one, the air has a different quality as it enters your nose. It’s crisp, cooler and refreshing. During holiday cooking nothing beats the smell of turkey fresh out of the oven, eggnog rich in cinnamon and cloves or the aroma of a real Christmas tree and fresh cut evergreens.

Posted on December 29, 2015 .