Creating Holiday Joy

And here are another 2 tips from our “Top 10 Holiday De-Stress Tips”  to get you through the holiday season:

5. Bring nature inside both your home and body.  Eating foods close to their natural form provide the highest  nutrition,  and are best for your body.  By bringing fresh cut evergreens into your home as decoration you’ll reap the healing benefit of the aroma and enjoyment of the gifts of nature. Taking a walk outside or just standing for a few minutes in the sunshine or starlight will add calmness to your day.

6. Do things that the doing itself brings joy. As we prepare for the holidays we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make things prefect. It may come from an intention  to be loving but can degenerate into stress and a loss of joy.  Live your traditions not someone else’s. Do you really need 6 kinds of Christmas cookies, especially if cookie making was really Grandma’s joy and not our own?

Posted on December 16, 2015 .