Betty Bianconi has loved food since her first bottle.  From high school home economics to dietetic major to master’s degree, food has always been her interest and passion. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a BS in dietetics, she went on to become a registered dietitian through doing an internship at one of the Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals (Beth Israel Hospital, Boston).  Next was a Masters’ Degree in nutrition from New York University on scholarship.  

Her career started with using her dietetic knowledge to write the “You and Your Diet” section for Good Housekeeping magazine and  continued with doing food writing, testing and styling for women’s service magazines (Woman's Day, Redbook) .  Her last position was food editor for Woman’s World magazine before starting her own successful freelance food business “In Good Taste….Creative Food Services” doing what she loved -food styling,  cookbook writing and editing, recipe development for large companies and tasting. Her bi-weekly column “Rural Foodie” can be found in the Roanoke Rapid Daily Herald.  She is also a certified Square Food Gardening instructor. What Betty enjoys most is putting her cooking skills and talents into supporting others in eating healthy.

How we came together

Having both attended a women's business and entrepreneurship group, Angie's love of health and fitness met Betty's experience in the professional cooking field and it seemed like a perfect fit that these two would become business partners in launching a healthy cooking school.

Why we care

Our health is in our own hands. We can eliminate or lessen our diseases and get on with life. Our business answers the health challenges of our community.
— Angie Merritt
Our life is based on our choices and what we choose to cook and eat plays a major role in wellness and living disease free. And teach it in a fun, engaging and educational way.
— Betty Bianconi

Angie Merritt brings her 15 years of exploring healthy eating to her Food Cures U students.  After just a short time of clean eating she was so impressed with her higher energy level, clearer thinking, the disappearance of depression and allergies, weight loss and more comfortable movement in her joints that she became inspired to teach others how to do the same. She brings her innate curiosity and studiousness, as well as her sense of adventure and love of other cultures, to the table.

She has become the local go-to among her friends for learning to eat healthier.  Having offered cooking classes, hands-on dinner parties for groups of friends, recipes and guidance for years, she is ready to step it up with a cooking school with friend Betty Bianconi;  thus, Food Cures U.

In order to help those who wanted to change but found themselves stuck in unhealthy habits of eating and craving, poor stress management, emotional eating and unsuccessful dieting, Angie trained with HealthCoachingU to become a health coach.

Using her renewed body to pursue Yoga, Angie became a Yoga teacher at age 62 and has trained with YogaFit to the 200 hour basic teacher and the 500+ therapist level. 

With 25 years of teaching in public schools, a BA from University of NC- Greensboro and a MEd from University of NC-Chapel Hill she has both formal education and wisdom that comes from pursuing passion with intense curiosity.

So moving, thinking and the how and whys of eating for health are yours with Angie’s skills.  She brings both scholarship and adventure to your plate.